Eye, Newborough and Thorney parish churches

Christmas Tree Festival

On the weekend of the second Sunday of December, Thorney Abbey holds its Christmas Tree Festival.

For one weekend, the Abbey is transformed into a Christmas wonderland, full of beautiful trees, twinkling with over 1000 lights!

Village organisations,schools, families and indviduals have a go at decorating a tree based on a theme, which, in the past, have included 'What Christmas means to us', 'Christmas Carols and Songs' and 'An alternative Christmas'.

There are stalls, selling gifts, cards, jams, cakes, and much more. Teas, coffees, cake and  soup are served in the vestry. On Saturday afternoon, the choir sings carols, sponsored by the visitors. If you pay them enough, they'll even sing it well! That evening, the Thorney Children's Community Choir performs a short concert of Christmas music in the Abbey.

Christmas Tree Festival 2015

12th & 13th December

The Christmas Alphabet

Thank you to everyone who came along and supported us


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Thorney Abbey Christmas Tree Festival 2014.

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