Eye, Newborough and Thorney parish churches

Looking to the future

Looking to the future.....

Currently, Thorney Abbey functions well as a place of Christian worship, and has done so for more than 500 years.

However if the Abbey is to survive, it needs to adapt to the needs of people in the 21st centuary. With this in mind, plans have been drawn up to add new facilities, in the form of a working servery, easy access toilets and a balcony. It is also hoped that the choir stalls can be made mobile, thus giving the option to open up the chancel area for concerts and community events.

 It is hoped that with the addition of these new facilities the Abbey will continue to serve not just the Christian community in Thorney, but also the much wider needs of the village at large.


Copies of the new plans will be available on this website soon!


Adopt A Day

One way YOU can help, is by helping to cover the day to day running costs of the Abbey. It costs nearly £120 A DAY to keep the abbey up and running, that's nearly £44,000 a year. No financial help is received from the government, the diocese or any other outside agency. Every year this money is raised by fund raising events, weekly collections and by the regular giving of members of the congregation and others associated with the abbey.

However, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find the funds necessary to keep the Abbey functioning, let alone raise money for repairs or new facilities. This is where you can help. By committing to making a reguar donation of £10 a month, you can cover the costs of the Abbey for a whole day. In return you can choose a date that will be your day. It could be in celebration of an anniversary, birthday or event or in memory of someone special. You will receive a certificate in recognition of donation and your name will be recorded for posterity. You can also make your donation even more valuable, by gift aiding your donation!

We have suggested a regular payment of £10 per month, totalling £120 a year as this will cover the full cost of one day. However, a reglar donation of any amount would be very much appreciated.

By helping to cover the daily costs in this way, it means that fundraising efforts can be concentrated on raising money for the new facilities.

If you would like to Adopt a Day, then please download the form and return it to the address on the back.